How Do I Submit?

Great question! Let me break that down for you.

The easiest way to submit your FILM & MUSIC VIDEO work is through FilmFreeway. You can see our profile, rules, and submission guidelines by following this link.

It costs nothing to create a profile on FilmFreeway and gives you access to thousands of other festivals. If you'd rather submit your work via our website, you can do that also. 

If you are submitting ANYTHING ELSE, please go ahead and use the "Submit Now!" form.

Please be sure to include the title of your work. Then, after filling out the form and submitting your payment, you can e-mail us a copy of your submission piece(s). Please be sure to include the title of your work and your name in the e-mail. We don't want to lose track of your submission!

Submit Now!


Use this form to upload your work.


Thanks for submitting!