Yekaterina Gyadu

Yekaterina Gyadu is a Brooklyn, NY based photographer specializing in documentary and portraiture. The goal of her imagery is to tell a story and to offer her viewers an opportunity to step into a particular moment. Coming from a Ghanaian and Russian background, she describes her work as natural and raw with an edge. “Photography is a form of documentation and gives us the rare opportunity to freeze a moment, person, or an emotion through our own perspectives.”


Freia M. Titland

Freia M. Titland is a Hudson Valley based mixed-media artist, actor, and model. Her film and written work focuses on folklore, mythology and magic throughout the ages. She believes that art imitates life and that artists have a responsibility to hold a mirror to society. Freia is an award-winning filmmaker and the author of "Magic and Shakespeare: a Representation of the Times". She is the host of the Body Positive Goddess podcast and the founder and festival director of the Divine Feminine Arts and Film Festival. 


Gabrielle Burger

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